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I photographed the sunset above at my family's property on the Fleurieu peninsula in South Australia. On a clear night you can see across to Kangaroo Island.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Never too old to map your future

You may have noticed I'm no longer in my 20s and therefore might think that I'm your typical mature age student - the one who does all the readings, sits at the front of the lecture and asks heaps of questions. BORING!

Being a PhD student makes things a little different. I work on my research alone and have spent time during my research situated within organisations interviewing and surveying staff.

I bring life and work experience to my student experience, having worked as a manager in the Federal Government for eight years before a change of pace to start a family. I lecture part time to fund my studies and in my daughter's first 18 months, I managed to complete a Masters degree whilst looking after her full time.

Now I have two children and am ready to MAP MY FUTURE with anticipation. Bring on the next phase!!

Oh and I'm not THAT old, just old enough NOT to jump with joy at the idea Justin Beiber is coming to town. Also old enough to know how to use money wisely, to invest, save and also how to use it to help others.

It's also a coincidence that one of my roles working with the Federal Government was as the state coordinator for Harmony Day, which coincides with the United Nation's (and UNICEF's) International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On March 21 each year, Australians are encouraged to wear Orange to signify cultural diversity and racial tolerance.

The colour orange was selected for Harmony Day because it is an active colour that implies celebration.

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