This is a blog of ruminations on how I have in the past, and in the future, intend to help the children of Vietnam

I photographed the sunset above at my family's property on the Fleurieu peninsula in South Australia. On a clear night you can see across to Kangaroo Island.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am inspired by forward-thinking people who aren’t afraid to change and empower others to make a better world. I am fascinated by the wonderful tools available to us in this fast-paced and changing world; we can connect, engage and enrich others in a global way never imagined before.

This ability to connect and communicate is what I have focused on for my postgraduate studies; researching how major corporations, including the financial sector, communicate internally with staff during times of change or crisis. I am passionate about organisations and communities who use these tools well and envision a future where people CAN work with ease and seamlessly from a virtual office.

As I contemplate my future, I have a driving urge to help others understand and make the most of social media tools – especially those most vulnerable living in developing nations – children.

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